John Carmack Talks Nintendo Quake Arena

Rumoured,1999 Multiplayer Quake game in your hand.

Posted by Staff
Oi! John Carmack: That's not a DS.
Oi! John Carmack: That's not a DS.
One of the more interesting rumours from id’s Quakecon was that the millionaire id games programmer John Carmack may be working on a version of Quake Arena for the DS.

The information was given by John Carmack who said that he “may” be working on a version of the 1999 PC game for the Nintendo handheld. He then said "I'm pretty sure I'm going to make that one happen," before saying that he would like such a game to be limited to a Doom-style control scheme with use of the D-pad only and not “touch controlled” like Metroid Prime: Hunters.

While no firm plans are yet in place the DS does seem to be a good platform for the 90’s multiplayer Quake game as it has the graphical power for such a game and its online ability would allow for large mulitplayer sessions.

Other tidpbits from Quakecon include Quake Wars being dated


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