John Carmack has Opinion on Next Gen Consoles

Console gaming is going to 'morph'.

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Famed PC-fan and Technical Director for id Software is busily rushing around E3 in LA flogging a cutting edge... remake... of... Doom 3 and he think that sooner or later, "Console gaming might morph..."

He explains that, "You can certainly see cloud gaming being built into every display device," you could indeed. But what of consoles and all those just about above minimum waged Chinese workers who make them?

John says, "...traditional consoles could become more like the audiophile niche of people who want the extreme experience there."

That sounds, well, a bit like a horrible ghetto full of nerds and fanboys being pedantic about framerates and whose platform has the best FPS. Who the hell wants that?

But JC has himself covered. Is this actually the future for consoles John?

"I hesitate to predict anything five, six years into the future, but the next generation should last a long time."

Righty ho.

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