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Miles started his career in a burger restaraunt, being made redundant and, on spending his redundancy in a local record shop, taking the job. These two jobs not only offered him an insight to the world of retail, but, whilst working at the record shop, he started his own magazine, which he sold himself at local concerts, regularly selling 2,000 copies of each issue. It caught the attention of Steve Lamacq, who at the time was live editor at the NME, and Steve offered him a freelance role for the paper. But before anything could be published, Steve had introduced him to Andy Ross, the A+R director at Food Records (Blur, Jesus Jones), who offered him a job as an A+R scout at the label. He carried on working in the record shop on Saturday’s for a couple of years after he started at Food.

In his 6 years there, or his “apprenticeship” as he calls it, he signed and developed Shampoo, Dubstar and the Bluetones, with the former selling over 2m records. In 1995 he was poached by Polygrani Island Music as A+R manager, where he worked with Bis, FatBoySlim, Feeder and many many more.

Whilst at Polygram Island, he discovered that he was a bit bored, so set about getting involved with the music licensing side of the business, particularly with video games. The first game he worked on, Gran Turismo, sold millions of copies around the world and made over £1 m turnover for Polygram Island. 20 games down the line, and after Universal had bought out the company, he decided to go it to set on his own.

In 1999, he left Universal to set up Anglo Interactive with Garry Blackburn, who Miles had worked with in Garry’s capacity as FatBoySlim’s manager. His role included overseeing A+R for Norman Cook’s label, Southern Fried, and a new publishing company, with Miles also free to continue with his new role as Sports Interactive’s business manager and an A+R consultancy role for Universal Music. Anglo Interactive looked after catalogues for video games licensing for Universal Music, Warner Chappell Music, Mushroom Records, BMG Music, Sony Music and Skint Records amongst others.
But, after 18 months, Miles realised that it was not going to work between him and Garry, and having been recently promoted to MD at Sports Interactive despite the fact that he worked offsite, he arranged to buy his soundtrack business from Gary, and move into Sports Interactive full-time. It was the best move of his career.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Miles Jacobson's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2002 title, "Championship Manager Season 02/03" (Xbox) as Director. Of the titles listing Miles within the credits , "Championship Manager 4" (PC) has been a best selling title.

Miles's most recent involvement was as Director on the 2003 release "Championship Manager 4" (PC).

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