Vincent Zampella

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TitanFall - No Microtransactions News

Vince Zampella also talks DLC for EA's must-make-it shooter

05 Mar 2014

Ex-Activision Director Told To "Dig Up Dirt On Jason and Vince" By Legal Officer News

Best plot either EA or Activision have ever come up with

17 May 2012

Activision and EA Settle $400 Million Developer Case Out of Court News

Zampella and West's legal modern warfare goes no further

17 May 2012

Happy Holidays to Activision and EA Lawyers in Respawn case News

Activision Gets Jury Trial Against Electronic Arts

23 Dec 2011

Ex-Infinity Ward Head Talks Past, Present and Future News

Respawning in three... two... one...

26 Sep 2011

Judge: EA has to Defend $400m Zampella/West Case Against Activision News

It's a 'contract interference'

17 Mar 2011

Activision Adds EA to Infinity Ward Lawsuit, Seeks $400m News

Alleges EA interfered with contracts.

22 Dec 2010

Respawn Guys Game Coming in Its Own Time News

EA Partners boss reiterates they are "starting at absolute zero"

20 Aug 2010

Zampella Tells Reviewers to Finish Games News

Infinity Ward exec feels reviewers should go for the long haul

16 Aug 2010

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