Respawn Guys Game Coming in Its Own Time

EA Partners boss reiterates they are "starting at absolute zero"

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Respawn Guys Game Coming in Its Own Time
Speaking at Gamescom yesterday morning, the boss of EA Partners, David DeMartini said that the fellows at Respawn Entertainment has yet to decide on what game they are making for the publisher.

He also went on to comment on how signing Vince Zampella and Jason West, former developers at Infinity Ward who were shown the door by Activision, helped them get back into the groove of developing:

"Most people would say you stuck it to Activision. People who look at Vince and Jason think, oh, you know, a couple of guys, highly successful, how much trauma could they be going through? They got fired by Activision."

"The thing that happened with Jason and Vince was not great for the industry because they got fired. But them landing with us and having an opportunity to build a team and start from scratch is great for them."

Sounds like the first game from Respawn Entertainment will come when its good and ready, but it is not guaranteed that it will be an FPS just yet. Would you like the guys at Respawn to make a new FPS or would you like to see if their talents can be extended into other genres? Express your opinions in the comments below.

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