Sam Houser

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GTA Housers to be Honoured News

BAFTA Games section to award GTA makers with gaming gong

03 Mar 2014

GTA V to Major on Multiplayer News

Multiplayer is the "most vital" point to GTA V

14 Nov 2012

"Grittier" Max Payne Set To Return Next Year News

Been on holiday mate? Go anywhere nice?

08 Sep 2011

'Key' Rockstar Staffers New Studio News

Key employee contracts extended

18 Dec 2008

Rockstar: GTA Hate an Honour News

Plus: no big expansion plans

14 Aug 2008

Rumour: Rockstar Games to Publish GTA5 on Wii News

Not a rumour: GTA: Vice City Stories IS coming to PS2.

08 Feb 2007

L.A. Noire, Rockstar Style News

Drugs, guns, corruption.

26 Sep 2006

Rockstar Announces Table Tennis for 360 News

Yes. Table Tennis.

06 Mar 2006

Red Not Dead Revolver News

Rockstar saves cult Capcom title.

19 Dec 2003

PC version of Vice City gets a date! News

And we don't mean politically correct, either. Now PC owners can disturb their loved ones.

17 Feb 2003

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