GTA V to Major on Multiplayer

Multiplayer is the "most vital" point to GTA V

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GTA V to Major on Multiplayer
GTA V may not be a game - or an experience as games are known among the grown-ups - for the Next Generation of consoles (or Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii UWot as they are known among kids) but it's current-gen nature is not stopping it making changes to the ancient and revered IP according to co-creator and main writer, Dan Houser.

Mr Houser spoke to Famitsu in Japan and brought up the thorny issue of multiplayer in GTA V. In fact, he didn't just bring it up, he made a huge, huge deal over it. Here's what he said, in context:

"There were five key themes for this title.

"One, it should have just this really huge world.

"Two, it has lots of goals you need to accomplish.

"Three, the number of robbery missions spread throughout the game apart from the main story. "

"Four, the three playable characters;

"and five, the completely new multiplay. I think when player experience this sort of gameplay they've never seen before, they're going to say 'What the hell is this?' And I think that's the most vital point here."

So, it's the most vital... prepare for microtransactional fun.

As translated from the Japanese magazine by Verge.


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