Blur - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing

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Joined by The Activision Decathalon

25 Oct 2013

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: May Feature

EA, Respawns and Invisibility.

27 Dec 2010

Activision Will Give Away BMW 125i to PS3 Blur Player News

Way to sell a video game guys

03 Aug 2010

Catalyst Outsourcing delivers ‘Blur’ art assets Press Release

Liverpool-based production services company announces collaboration on Activision title.

12 Jul 2010

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Blur Review

The Mystery Of A Speeding Car

25 May 2010

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21 May 2010

Blur Preview

Single-player revealed

03 May 2010

Blur DLC Planned After Release News

Bizarre too busy making the game itself perfect.

08 Mar 2010

Blur Beta Codes for SPOnG Readers Here News

That's right... for you!

05 Mar 2010

Blur Beta Starts, UK Release Announced News

Project Gotham developer gears up for another race.

03 Mar 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: June Feature

E3, Motion Controllers, and Booth Babes.

30 Dec 2009

Mulitplayer to Blame as Activision's Blur Slips News

Warns investors to be cagey.

21 Sep 2009

USA to Get Bizarre Creation's Blur Ahead of Europe News

So much for made in Liverpool.

20 Aug 2009

Bizarre Creations: Blur is 100 Memorable Moments News

And 14 locations and 20 cars on track at one time

31 Jul 2009

Ben Ward, Studio Communications of Bizarre Creations Interview

All of a Blur

02 Jun 2009

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