Bizarre Creations: Blur is 100 Memorable Moments

And 14 locations and 20 cars on track at one time

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Bizarre Creations: Blur is 100 Memorable Moments
Project Gotham creators - and cheeky northern lads - Bizarre Creations have served up a new trailer for Blur; the game not the band. The name of said trailer is: "BLUR_Vision_Final_HD_txtlss", make of that what you will.

However, as well as showing off the general motoring niceness you'd expect from a BC creation, we're also told about some of the power-ups (Barge, Shunt, Shock, Mines and Nitro - 'Everybody uses nitro' explains the team.)

We're also lead to believe that "We're trying to create surprise and interest all the way through the game, so it's really a sort of collection a hundred memorable moments."

This has sparked a debate. Is 100 memorable moments in a racing game that uses power-ups (but isn't Mario Kart made to look grown-up) enough memorable moments? How many memorable moments are enough in a racing game?

Watch the video...



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