Dragon Age Origins - PC

Viewed: 3D Combination
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing / Combat Game

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Used game sales advertise free DLC, when customers aren't eligible.

26 Mar 2010

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Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins Reaches Triple Platinum Sales Press Release

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08 Feb 2010

Return to Ostagar DLC: More Delays News

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20 Jan 2010

Return To Ostagar Update Causes Issues: Removed News

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14 Jan 2010

Xbox 360: Return to Ostagar 'Unexpectedly' Available Now News

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13 Jan 2010

Bioware Announces First Official Expansion Pack To The Critically Acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins Press Release

"Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening" to Take Fans to the Land of Amaranthine With New Party Members, Spells, Abilities and More in March 2010

05 Jan 2010

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14 Dec 2009

BioWare’s Dr. Ray Muzyka Interview

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02 Dec 2009

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Bioware's Dragon Age Goes Free Online News

Browse and battle, get Dragon Age Origins content.

23 Oct 2009

Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator Melts BioWare's Servers News

Studio offers alternative download links.

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Tim Curry, Janeway... Prince Charles in Dragon Age Origins News

Yes, we said Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales

28 Aug 2009

Dragon Age Origins: Image Onslaught News

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12 Aug 2009

Dragon Age Origins: Child Killing, Same Sex Kissing, Breasts News

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25 Jul 2009

Nude Non-Event for Dragon Age: Origins News

Tititalation may have to be found elsewhere.

09 Jul 2009

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