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Tiga Asks for Lower Video Game Rating Prices News

Yes, that's right, PEGI charges to rate games

29 Apr 2014

"Cultural Test" for Brit Games Revealed News

Want a tax break to make a game? Read this.

01 Apr 2014

Tax Breaks for UK Video Game Makers Approved News

European Commission sanctions relief for video game makers

27 Mar 2014

UK Government Slams Microstransactions News

Free-2-Play and games aimed at kids

26 Sep 2013

Eurocrats Put UK Video Game Tax Breaks in Danger News

European Union calls foul on gaming tax incentives

16 Apr 2013

Vive le Video Games as Europe Lifts Tax Break Block News

But as the dreaded 'cultural test' comes into play, how can it work?

25 Apr 2012

UK Game Devs Says "No Thanks" to Publisher Merger News

Tiga Says No to UKIE

03 Mar 2011

UK Game Devs Group in 'Good Health' Shocker News

Despite the closures of UK developers

26 Jan 2011

Even Anti-Gaming Keith Vaz Enjoys Parliamentary Video Game Event News

MPs Experience Benefits of Gaming

13 Jan 2011

Vaizey: No Video Games Tax Breaks Consideration for Four Years News

TIGA should "look at other creative options."

03 Dec 2010

Government: Games Industry Support Hurts "Productivity Of The UK Economy" News

"More productive" sectors need the money.

18 Nov 2010

Indie Game Dev's Average Turnover is £3 Millon+ News

Tiga releases gaming research

09 Aug 2010

Government Restates Games Tax Credit Lack of Plan News

MP receives letter that says very little...

22 Jul 2010

Games Tax Relief Would Save Thousands of Jobs News

And return investment to nation says Tiga

07 Apr 2010

TIGA To MP: Games Are So Not To Blame For Making Kids Fat News

CEO, Richard Wilson, throws down after damning comment from Lib Dem MP.

23 Dec 2009

UK Games Makers State Tax Break Demand News

Expecting budget announcement

03 Dec 2009

Government Video Games Ignorance Sparks Industry Response News

Otherwise the industry will go abroad or something.

03 Nov 2009

TIGA Robust on Video Game Tax Breaks News

CEO "confident" that the EU will be as supportive to UK proposals as the French.

09 Sep 2009

Buggery! Games Makers Reject New Law News

Software the same as toasters?

15 May 2009

Official Change4Life Supporter and the Game Controller News

But one company can stop you video gaming death

10 Mar 2009

Tiga: Change4Life ad "Absurd and Insulting" News

Government defends anti-games ad

09 Mar 2009

UK Games Industry Faces Relegation from 'Premiership' News

Other countries benefit while UK fails.

02 Mar 2009

Tiga's Condolences to UK Game Dev News

UK industry body puts nail into coffin lid.

19 Dec 2008

UK Developers: Tax Approach is Wrong News

Pre-budget report does not do the job!

25 Nov 2008

Tiga: UK Should Follow Canada in Games Tax Credits News

Credit Crunch doesn't have to affect government support of games industry

06 Oct 2008

TIGA: Lower Tax is "Holy Grail" for UK Video Game Industry News

Tax break for games production required.

30 Sep 2008

Sony Joins Games Industry Bodies in Tax Break Call News

Give us a break...

28 May 2008

UK Games Body Responds to US State Tax Break News

Calls on UK government for more support

19 May 2008

Games Developers Gongs: The 2007 TIGA Awards News

Full list of winners revealed inside

31 Jan 2008

Game Developers Announce Awards Nominations Here News

Awards time! Again? So early? Yes!

21 Jan 2008

Games Industry Body Demands More Government Support News

Also needs more regular flow of information from developers

03 Jul 2007

News Feature: Northern Exposure Games Conference News

SPOnG at Northern Exposure

15 May 2007

Shockingly Poor Start to London Games Summit News

Nobody turned up to play with Lord Sainsbury.

04 Oct 2006

London Games Week: BAFTA, TIGA, ELSPA News News

An acronymic circle jerk?

08 Mar 2006

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