TIGA To MP: Games Are So Not To Blame For Making Kids Fat

CEO, Richard Wilson, throws down after damning comment from Lib Dem MP.

Posted by Staff
Richard Wilson. We like him.
Richard Wilson. We like him.
TIGA has hit back at claims from the Liberal Democrat's Shadow Health Secretary, Norman Lamb, that computer games result in porkier, unfit children. Lamb's comments were made following a British Medical Journal report that said there was a decline in kid's health. Conclusion? The “PlayStation generation,” of course.

CEO of TIGA, Richard Wilson, wasn't having any of it though, and threw festive goodwill out of the window. “Video games can be mentally stimulating, educational and social, and some involve physical exercise... Thousands of [the 30,000 people that work in the UK games industry] are parents themselves. They are not interested in creating a generation of slouch potatoes.

“As it is almost Christmas, we will happily send a present to Norman Lamb MP: TIGA's 2009 report 'Investing In The Future' [which] highlights the numerous benefits of video games. It will make stimulating reading over the Christmas period,” Wilson concludes. Meow.

Along with examples to support his statement, including Brain Training, Wii Fit, Singstar and Civilisation, Wilson also said that US hospitals have had surgeons who perform better after playing computer games. “Any decline in children's fitness levels is disappointing. The sale of so many school sports fields over the years is likely to have contributed to this deterioration.”

We reckon kids and adults alike have a chance of getting chubbier at this time of year too, but we'd put that down to your traditional Christmas dinner rather than a half hour spent playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


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