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CVG Faces Closure Amid Severe Future Cuts News

Long-standing games publication falls victim to lay-offs

16 May 2014

Future Publishing Boss Quits News

Terrible sales figures force CEO to 'step down'

26 Mar 2014

Future Axes Xbox World and PSM3 Magazines News

Promises no redundancies on the lead to Christmas.

13 Nov 2012

Future Publishing to Close US Magazine Nintendo Power News

Writers on magazine confirm on Twitter - comments quickly removed.

22 Aug 2012

Future Publishing Shakes Up Gaming Leadership News

Out with the old, in with the old

12 Jan 2012

Future Increases Focus on Digital After 'Disappointing' Results News

US print sector blamed for £19m loss.

24 Nov 2011

Future Publishing's CEO Springs Overboard "With Immediate Effect" News

UK magazine publisher loses top roles - Mark Wood to replace.

27 Oct 2011

Future Publishing to Cut 10% of UK staff News

Digital revenues are down

15 Jul 2011

FirstPlay Shut Down, New PS3 Programme Emerges News

Future Publishing still working with SCEE.

13 Jul 2011

GamesMaster TV Show To Return News

Signs point to an autumn airing.

11 Mar 2010

Future Publishing Issues Profit Warning News

Buy-out on the cards for games magazine uber-publisher?

13 Mar 2006

Nintendo Official Magazine UK – "We Screwed Up" News

Blunder acknowledged, lie ignored.

03 Mar 2006

NOMUK: Cover Lies Compounded by Bogus Power Brick Claims News

Can Future publish a credible Nintendo mag?

22 Feb 2006

Golden Joysticks Little More Than Bad Joke Circle Jerk News

Awards fail to even make sense.

07 Nov 2005

EDGE in damage control mode after exclusive hopes collapse News

Zelda and 360 pieces shattered – Publisher still claims ‘exclusives’

05 May 2005

Leaked Email Spells End of Future Monopoly Dream News

From a Hotel on Mayfair to the Gasworks, OFT referral ends game.

15 Apr 2005

Future Monopoly Under Threat – OFT Steps in News

Highbury buy-out concerns flare.

14 Apr 2005

Future Publishing Monopoly Complete – Highbury Acquired in £96 Million Swoop – Leaked Ingham Email Inside News

Bath giant swallows remaining player – where now for UK magazines?

14 Feb 2005

Rockstar under fire as demographic void causes concern News

Publisher chooses magazine with younger readership for adult game

15 Oct 2004

DRIV3R review cheat scandal takes a twist News

Future Publishing makes aggressive move on its own forum

26 Jul 2004

Lets face the music and dance News

Cracks develop at the seams for Future Publishing.

30 Mar 2001

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