EDGE in damage control mode after exclusive hopes collapse

Zelda and 360 pieces shattered ? Publisher still claims ?exclusives?

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EDGE in damage control mode after exclusive hopes collapse
In a move that smacks of desperation, high-brow UK magazine EDGE has released a rather unusual press release, in what must be seen as a pre-emptive disclaimer for its next issue.

SPOnG has been aware for some time that the mag was planning to show Xbox 360 hardware and a fresh look at the new Zelda game in the current issue. However, in a somewhat embarrassing fog of confusion, both ?exclusives? have completely fallen apart.

EDGE goes on sale 17th of May this year, therefore offering its six pages of Xbox 360 media several days after the world sees the console in all its glory on MTV, in the capable hands of everyone?s favourite sex dwarf, Elijah Wood.

And the Zelda exclusive planned has also gone down the pan, with a Spanish magazine breaking embargo last week, having attended the same press trip as EDGE. What?s more, a US magazine decided to inexplicable kill off its own sales, offering its feature, again from the same press trip, online for all to see.

However, according to publisher Matt Pierce, there?s no problem. ?We're delighted that Edge can celebrate this major publishing milestone with a duo of heavyweight videogaming exclusives.? Erm, sure thing Matt.

Tony Mott, also makes some interesting, though barely credible, claims about exclusivity, saying, ??we were first with next-generation Xbox specs in issue 148, and we're first again with images of the finished hardware and actual game shots in issue 150.? Given that hardware shots have leaked like a urinal in the Gorton Crown and Anchor for over a week, some readers might argue with this assertion.

The press release explains, somewhat sheepishly, that its piece for 360 was organised ??before the global MTV unveiling was announced,? though makes no mention of what went wrong with Zelda.

Another example, if any were needed, of the tortoise of the Polyglobal Interweb overtaking the hare of paper publishing.


Radiant 5 May 2005 18:09
I really don't see how games magazines can survive when faced with online competition.

With content so freely available (and unrestricted) on the 'net and hard earned exclusives breaking daily instead of the magazines monthly; trying to maintain a reason for people to continue to buy from the stands month in month out (or buy subs) is one of the hardest battles a magazine can face.

Yes, exclusive cover DVDs can provide a reason to buy a magazine (which begs the question why not put the whole magazine on a DVD Famitsu style) but magazines need to understand that gimicky exclusives are now the domain of the online barbarian/guerilla media and that publications like EDGE need to stick to writing good articles and commentary (which EDGE are good at) rather then relying on 'exclusives' which are most often then not 3 week old news.

BTW anyone know the reason for the recent shake up at EDGE?
PEN15 5 May 2005 18:10
I've never heard of Edge before... is this a UK only thing?

Anyway sux for the magazine to lose all its exclusives simultaneously.

In the US Game Informer gets crazy exclusives... then again it may be due to the fact they our owned by Gamestop (national gaming store for the uninformed).
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soanso 5 May 2005 19:42
I'm a bit surprised at edge getting involved in all this exclusivity nonsense. It's pointless for print magazines to be bothering with trying to keep up with the online sources for news. it's a one horse race and it always will be.
I'm not a fan of games mags and how they all sort of just stick to the same blueprint.
But I do like EDGE. I've always liked it for the articles (no. really! ;P) like the one they did last month about warioware and the little guest columns they do have always been a highlight for me..
but I do miss Toshihero Nagoshi's column about how late his next game is and how blotto he got this week.

That's something that the games sites online can't compete with
frod 5 May 2005 20:28
Print magazines compete quite easily - by actually having writers who are talented, and do more research than just waiting for press releases and reprinting stories from online sources. I eagerly await each issue of GamesTM and Edge every month simply because they actually report new things, or current events in much more detail, unlike the hundreds of gaming websites all reporting exactly the same things as each other in 50 word articles.
fluffstardx 5 May 2005 20:48
EDGE has had some serious problems of late, with many people stopping buying due to the new format seemingly bringing a change of reviewing style and an odd bias towards reporting Sony news. Many people I know have commented that EDGE seems to be losing that, well, edge it had over other magazines Future publishes, just like PC Gamer has of late. And now this? Nails in coffin.

I'll still get the issue, though; clear images are always nice, and they sell well over eBay ;)
Ditto 6 May 2005 08:10
I think that it's nice to have a physical magazine to read, and the magazines do tend to find tipbits that the online people don't find.

However, at the moment I don't buy any magazines, although I'll probably buy one during E3. There just aren't enough news or reviews to justify spending money.
kid_77 6 May 2005 08:31
EDGE seems to have two strong weapons in it's arsenal.

The first are the articles by the guest columnists, which vary in quality each month, but in general are interesting and worth a read nonetheless.

The second is open to argument, but EDGE does seem to garner respect from the majority of the industry (which they regularly remind us with, by having photos of a contrived set-up, whereby some jap dev co members are looking enthusiastically at last months edition). This respect is reflected in the various interviews they're granted at developer HQ's, and the like.

So I still get EDGE for the above. I don't rely on it to keep me up-to-date on gaming news, but it can still surprise me with the odd nugget a developer has held back for them.
Ben Furfie 6 May 2005 08:47
What Spong has said is true, but just one thing...

With Subs arriving several days before the street date, there is still the chance it could land on the door on the 12th of May... 5 days is pushing it, but the 13th being more realistic, but that would still mean a UK exclusive...
Avec Dindon 6 May 2005 12:40
Butbutbut... if print magazines vanish, where will the Internet get its scans from?!

Truly amazing. The desperate and pathetic slurs (although, that's too grand a word for what is, effectively, bitching*) that pass back and forth between certain portions of the online and print press are truly the most embarrassing things within the games 'industry'. And that's saying something.

(*you couldn't even call it character assassination, what with it being made up of such cowardly, cross-eyed potshots)

But still, bring it on, eh? I love watching this s**t. Maybe everyone involved should just get it over with in a massive real-world fight. I'd definitely subscribe to that.
config 6 May 2005 13:51
Ben Furfie wrote:
With Subs arriving several days before the street date, there is still the chance it could land on the door on the 12th of May... 5 days is pushing it, but the 13th being more realistic, but that would still mean a UK exclusive...

Through traditional media channel, yeah. But I can guarantee you that recordings will be available on-line - via websites, UseNet, torrent trackers, eDonkey, the lot - within minutes of the show ending. It happens with regular TV, this promo will be no different.

Pilot13 6 May 2005 19:13
Edge has gotten pretty abysmal of late. It's desperately hanging onto the elitist nerd style it held previously, but the new design just screams 'consumer whore' at me. I bought last months issue and read halfway through each article and skipped them, with the exception of the making of advance wars. It really has become uninteresting and ultimately dire. I also checked their site out a while back, pretty crap.
TigerUppercut 9 May 2005 15:04
If you think EDGE, aside from it's spoon-fed reviews column, is anything more than a scoop of quirkies from the Internet you need to stop smoking crack.
richardjamesparker 13 May 2005 12:21
I've just been to a central london smiths 13/05/2005 1pm and picked up my copy of Edge. It has a good spread on xbox 360 which can be read before the show tonight on MTV.

I personally don't think this is a bad effort from a print magazine in the age of the internet.

Like it or not, Edge is still respected in the business which is why they get this sort of access.
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