PSP Grand Theft Auto Dated

Rockstar US sales team let slip launch of key portable title.

Posted by Staff
PSP Grand Theft Auto Dated
Rockstar’s sales team in the US has seemingly let slip the release date of the as-yet untitled GTA offering for Sony’s PlayStation Portable, giving the game an April 15 release date.

The date is for the US only and now resides on various American retail and games sites as a permanent fixture, good news for Sony as it struggles to furnish its wonderful debut handheld with quality, must-have software.

Nothing is known of PSP Grand Theft Auto, other than it will be set in Liberty City and will follow on in the free-roaming third-person 3D styles of the last three offerings.

SPOnG expects some solid info to be offered by Rockstar within the week. We’ll let you know as soon as something more substantial is available.

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