SOE Boss Reaches End of Tether, Bans "Scumbag" Cheaters from Planetside 2

Executive goes all vigilante on Twitter.

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SOE Boss Reaches End of Tether, Bans "Scumbag" Cheaters from Planetside 2
Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has had enough of Planetside 2 cheaters. And he's decided that he's going to do something about it, declaring war on the "scumbags" that walk down those virtual streets. And he's probably doing it while wearing a mask.

Wielding a banhammer, the hero Smedley has gone to town in striking off multiple users from the game, who are believed to be using aimbots to gain an advantage over players. He's also encouraged good-natured citizens from reporting on cheaters if they come across them.

"Those of you using aimbots are being hunted down and banned,” he wrote on Twitter. “Remember to use /report. People are being banned left and right. We have guys who's [sic] purpose in life is to ban the bad guys and dumbasses that use hacking tools."

One such supposed cheater, Haruhi, was banned as a result of the campaign, with Smedley publicly disclosing his fate on the social network. "Haruhi at was just banned. All three of his accounts. Goodbye, you scumbag. Find a new hobby or get good at the game.

"We don't need to cross reference anything. Use it.. we'll find you. We'll find your family. We'll hunt you down."

Jesus. Smedley seems to be the hero that Planetside 2 deserves, but is he the one it needs right now? Let us know your thoughts on the SPOnG comments board below.


Daz 5 Dec 2012 12:22
more devs should do this "Find a new hobby or get good at the game." an instant classic.
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