Massive News for Game Consoles as China Looks to Drop Decade Old Hardware Ban

PlayStation 3 gets official certification from Chinese government

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Multiplayer God of War sessions like this one at the Great Hall of the People to be regular events?
Multiplayer God of War sessions like this one at the Great Hall of the People to be regular events?
Japan and China are not on the friendliest terms politically and economically right now, but it would seem that Sony and its PS3 are bucking that trend. And that could mean tens of millions of new console gamers as it heralds the ending of a ban on home consoles that has lasted for more than a decade.

It is being reported that, "The China Quality Certification Centre website showed two models of the PlayStation 3, labelled "computer entertainment system" received approval this July. All products must pass the safety standard before they can be sold to Chinese consumers."

TechnologySpectator further reports that, "The Ministry of Culture has the regulatory authority over the console segment and is the sole organization that can revoke the ban," according to Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner of US-based video games consultancy Niko Partners.

But the MinCult will only have looked at lifting such a ban on games hardware if the China Quality Certification Centre had indeed passed the console. Of course, the China Quality Certification Centre would only have done so had it recieved permission from... the Ministry of Culture.

Lifting the ban would also open the way for Nintendo, Microsoft and even OnLive to enter the potentially massive market. Given the traditional cultural and political antagonism between China and Japan, well, we're looking to smiles lighting up the Microsoft Xbox 360 offices right now...

Source: TechSpectator

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