Ex-Rare Director Heads New Microsoft London Studio

Phil Harrison launches new studio for Microsoft tablets in London

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Ex-Rare Director Heads New Microsoft London Studio
Microsoft is opening a new studio in London with a plan to "focus on Windows 8 tablet devices as the underlying technology and platforms." It will be headed up by Rare's former Production Director, Lee Schuneman.

Lee will report to Phil Harrison - once of Sony and Atari, who stepped into Peter Molyneux's shoes as head of Microsoft Games Studios in March of this year. Hold one, a former Rare man is announced as heading up a new Microsoft tablet studio by a man most noted for his history of games and games networks? And this studio will 'focus on Windows 8 tablet devices'. It's a bloody games studio.

Phil Harrison, is now "Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business (EMEA)" and the studio will report to him. The detail is that "the new studio’s remit will be to develop a long-term business with Entertainment as a Service at its core". That would be games and games related apps.

For this part, Lee has worked on Kinect Sports (Seasons 1 and 2), Fable: The Journey and the Sky TV app for Xbox Live. He is "hugely excited".

We are also told that, "A recruitment drive for the as yet unnamed new studio is currently underway. The new outfit will initially be based at Microsoft Studios’ Great Pulteney Street premises in London and will commence operations in November."

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