Rage - PC

Also known as: 'Rage: Anarchy Edition'
Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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04 Jul 2013

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id RAGES against the machine.

29 Sep 2011

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28 Sep 2011

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Four and a half minutes of in-game footage

26 Aug 2011

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24 Aug 2011

RAGE on iOS Free for a Week News

Where Facebook works for iOS gaming.

19 Aug 2011

RAGE Preview

The first few hours...

02 Aug 2011

New Rage Video Shrouded in Violence News

Spiders too.

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Rage Release Date Revealed News

September folks

16 Aug 2010

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Rage joins Modern Warfare 2

06 Nov 2009

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Plus: techy graphics stuff...

07 Aug 2009

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