Manhunt - Xbox

Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure / Strategy: Stealth

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Discussion paper saw "overwhelming" response.

07 May 2010

Censor: Enforce Jail for Parents who Ignore Game Ratings News

New Zealand chief censor takes hard line

09 Mar 2009

ELSPA: MP Vaz Rockstar's Greatest Marketing Man News

Plus: 'the magic 18' effect

03 Oct 2008

UK Prime Minister Meets with "Manhunt Mother" News

Gordon Brown meets MPs and mother of murder victim

06 Mar 2008

Prime Minister to Vaz: Changes to Law Are Necessary News

Brown happy to meet with MP to discuss games.

21 Jan 2008

Manhunt 2 Preview

Is this the most gruesome game ever?

04 May 2007

Murder Victim's Parents Condemn Manhunt 2 News

Announcement made in anniversary month of son's death

08 Feb 2007

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07 Feb 2007

Manhunt 2 Baits Flailing Thompson and Media News

Rockstar announces current-gen remake of 'murder sim'

07 Feb 2007

Predictable Bully backlash makes same old mistakes News

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19 Aug 2005

Man Shoots, Kills Seven Year-Old Girl in San Andreas Row News

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24 Jun 2005

The demonisation of videogames - An industry reacts Feature

Tabloid rage flares in Manhunt fallout

26 May 2005

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2005 Winners Announced Press Release

Individuals within the UK computer and video games industry recognised for excellence.

08 Apr 2005

UK Chart: Manhunt returns News

Murder simulation benefits from bad PR

02 Aug 2004

Manhunt withdrawn from sale by concerned retailers whilst others take advantage News

Some shops remove title, others sell on.

29 Jul 2004

Rockstar’s Manhunt blamed for copycat murder News

The ‘videogames are evil’ debate kicks off again.

29 Jul 2004

Bookies Announce Odds for Christmas Number One News

Thankfully, no sign of Cliff Richard…

05 Dec 2003

Manhunt sickness spews forth News

The nastiest game ever?

05 Aug 2003

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