Pokemon Sapphire - GBA

Viewed: 2D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling
Genre: Simulation: Virtual Pet / Adventure: Role Playing

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The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

Girlie Game Boy Revealed News

It’s pink and it's for girls – nice!

04 Mar 2004

Nintendo Cheered Thanks to Glowing 2003 News

DS aside, things on track for Big N.

27 Jan 2004

UK Christmas Charts: EA Takes Honors Yet Again, Ubisoft Left Reeling News

Rising Sun muscles to top as EA dominates.

23 Dec 2003

Miyamoto enters ‘Golden Halls’ Press Release

Mario creator becomes the first entrant to the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Hall of Fame at today’s awards ceremony.

28 Nov 2003

Pokemon: Feel the power! News

Sell, sell, sell! Five million shipped.

03 Nov 2003

Nintendo presents Pokemon presents News

Nintendo's Christmas presence (one more pun like that and I'll present you with - doh!).

28 Oct 2003

The Golden short-list Press Release

The final short-list of nominees is announced for the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Awards 2003.

24 Oct 2003

Pokemon phenomenon hits Europe - again! News

500,000 sales achieved in first weekend

30 Jul 2003

Pokemon: Live and Unleashed News

Play Ruby and Sapphire whilst drinking Vimto. What more could you want?

14 Jul 2003

Spicy new model GBA SP revealed News

In Japan. Again. Bah!

03 Apr 2003

Nintendo Takes a Kicking News

GBA outsold by Xbox as GameCube struggles

13 Feb 2003

Western Pokemon campaign initiated News

Limited edition coin planned for US as behemoth franchise gears up for second phase of world domination.

12 Feb 2003

Pokemon trounces competition in Japan News

Top two slots for entire year filled with little monsters.

23 Jan 2003

Pokemon immediately becomes Japan's biggest-selling game News

Massive sales sees chart-topping duo

02 Jan 2003

Nintendo complacency explained News

Pokemon still an unstoppable force

24 Dec 2002

Pokemon proves a retail monster again News

Colossal GBA spike triggered in Japan.

29 Nov 2002

Jewels in the crown News

Ruby and Sapphire shift two million!

25 Nov 2002

Pokemania Dead News

In other news, pigs seen to fly, Hell discovered to be cold

22 Nov 2002

Team Rocket dumped from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire News

“To renounce the evils of truth and love”.

30 Oct 2002

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to see four-player mayhem! News

Link-cables at the ready, kids.

11 Oct 2002

Pokemon Advance will be two games News

Biggest shock ever in videogame history. Well, not really. Not at all, actually.

16 Jul 2002

Pokemon Evolves onto Game Boy Advance Press Release

Nintendo announces Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire games - as the legendary series advances onto the fastest selling console.

15 Jul 2002

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