Girlie Game Boy Revealed

It?s pink and it's for girls ? nice!

Posted by Staff
Girlie Game Boy Revealed
Everyone knows that all girls have one thing in common. Their favourite colour is pink, a condition possibly stemming from overbearing grandmothers knitting a thousand pairs of booties during the nine month baking period, to bestow on the lucky infant from day one.

Nintendo, fully aware of this genetically determined commercial opportunity, has decided to release a Game Boy Advance SP tailored to girls. It's pink, and carries the wondrous title of Game Boy Advance SP Girls Edition (GE).

Nintendo of Europe will also repackage a whole bunch of games to mark the release of the SP-GE:

Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak
Donkey Kong Country
Pokemon Pinball: Rubi and Zafiro
Pokemon Rubi and Pokemon Zafiro
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga
Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Disney Princess
Barbie: Horse Adventures
Disney Lizzie McGuire

As you can probably tell, the game line-up is a Spanish affair at this point in time, as the set has only been confirmed for that country thus far, though a Europe-wide roll-out is predicted.

It would seem that this is not the best time to talk about how Europe is offered the GBA Girls Edition and Japan basks in its Famicom SP glory. In fact, that would certainly be inappropriate.

It is also unclear as to whether this is some kind of premature April fools joke, given the machine is to launch on April 1. Surely not!


sue_raas 4 Mar 2004 12:53
Hey yeah, i'm a girl, i like pink, and i like Gay Boy Advance! This looks like a joke, but i'm going to Spain to buy one if it's for real. Cousin Norman had a real good time last year, he said it doesn't rain - i hope i can quickly learn the language yeah
TigerUppercut 4 Mar 2004 12:57
I think this news proves that Nintendo is on the ball. With Pokemon in its death throes, a pink GBA aimed at girls is the obvious and brilliant answer. I heard that when you open the case, it plays clown music too.
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DoctorDee 4 Mar 2004 13:39
Surely this should be called the Game Girl Advance?
Rod Todd 4 Mar 2004 13:50
DoctorDee wrote:

>Surely this should be called the Game Girl

Dude, I'd gladly put my cart into any Game Girl's slot, and then thumb her joy pad, whether she was pink or not, I'm not racist.
Rod Todd 4 Mar 2004 13:52
DoctorDee wrote:

>Surely this should be called the Game Girl

Or the Gay Boy Advance.
TigerUppercut 4 Mar 2004 14:23
I think this needs pointing out to some big fat angry lesbian earth mother-sisters type organisation. They'd be *really* annoyed at the chauvinistic Japanese male-driven games industry forcing their sister-daughters to buy pink GBAs, a submissive colour no doubt chosen to enforce centuries of misogynistic oppression. These ?guys? would do!
Rod Todd 4 Mar 2004 14:43
TigerUppercut wrote:


Dude, I know that with the web being all multi-medium and intra-active and stuff, you might not be seeing what I'm seeing when you visit that link.

But I saw a PINK web page.
jmm36 4 Mar 2004 14:46
Can we get a light blue GBA SP for little boys?
ShadowRayden 4 Mar 2004 14:47
I'm a guy and I want one. It looks cool. So long as it does the same, what's the big deal?
TigerUppercut 4 Mar 2004 14:52
Rod Todd wrote:

>But I saw a PINK web page.

Yah! The earthmothersisters have reclaimed it for themselves in a brilliant move against the oppressors!

I might invite the earthmothersister lesbian group to join this: discussion. I bet they'd have some interesting opinions on which Hollyoaks girls would be best to bum...
Rod Todd 4 Mar 2004 14:57
ShadowRayden wrote:

>I'm a guy and I want one. It looks cool. So long
>as it does the same, what's the big deal?

Dude, you are so completly correct. What difference does colour make? If the Pink one goes with the rest of your ensemble.. you go girl ^H^H^H^H boy.
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