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The company has been involved titles released on the PC.

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Wii 2 to get Cell Processor as IBM Breaks Cover? News

IBM working with Sony and Nintendo on Cell development

12 Oct 2010

IBM Patent Answer to PS3 Exploit? News

Lots of encryption, keys and binding going on in this one.

16 Feb 2010

Rumours of PS3 Processor Death - Failed News

PS4 stories still occurring though.

24 Nov 2009

50 Million Wii Chips Shipped News

And they still keep coming

16 Mar 2009

Cheaper PlayStation 3 Cell Chip Announced News

Cheaper PS3 to follow?

13 Mar 2007

Big Wii News Actually Quite Small News

Broadway Chip with Nintendo. Woo...

08 Sep 2006

A year behind schedule, can the PlayStation 3’s Cell shrug off vapourware claims? News

Bold claims back strong ISSCC showing – PlayStation 3 launch timeframe revealed

08 Feb 2005

More Cell performance claims emerge News

Clock speed, temp, and anti-piracy routines emerge

07 Feb 2005

Rocket scientists outraged at Fisher Price PlayStation 3 News

Claims make our Engines feel Emotional and nostalgic.

06 Dec 2004

IBM blurts out Xbox 2 secret deal – future hardware takes shape News

Microsoft’s new machine more tangible by the week.

04 Nov 2003

The rumour that wouldn’t die! IBM and Microsoft in bed News

All cuddled up, making Xbox 2 babies

02 Oct 2003

First PlayStation 3 deal announced as Sony makes deal with IBM and Toshiba? News

Sony of Japan has reportedly signed a deal with IBM and Toshiba to produce technologies with networking and processing abilities.

28 Jan 2002

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