50 Million Wii Chips Shipped

And they still keep coming

Posted by Staff
50 Million Wii Chips Shipped
IBM has bounced out some news today regarding the fact that it's now shipped 50 million processors for the Wii. The information is framed in such a way as to make fun-loving, family-friendly Wii family members nod off... for example:

"IBM partnered with Nintendo to develop and manufacture in volume a custom-designed, high-performance microprocessor to support Nintendo's goals of participatory game play and a compact, energy efficient console."

That said, skipping past the 50 million processor mark - if we accept the fact that all these chips work when they reach the army of people building the consoles in China - is indeed a milestone. The figure also chimes with Ninty's most recent officially published life-to-date figures for global Wii sales stated that the company had sold 44,960,000 boxes at the end of December last year.


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