Cryptic Studios? Ventures Into New Dimensions with IBM

Champions Online? MMO powered by IBM System x

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ARMONK, NY ? September 15, 2008 ? Cryptic Studios?, a leading
independent developer of massively-multiplayer online role playing games,
has chosen IBM (NYSE:IBM) servers to power its highly anticipated massively
multiplayer online (MMO) action game, Champions Online?, being published
by 2K Games and developed for PC and consoles.

Based on the popular Champions? pen-and-paper RPG, Champions Online will
give players the power of total customization for their hero experience
while they explore a vast comic book universe. IBM System x offers a
responsive, scalable architecture that Cryptic Studios needs to deliver
immersive, and action-packed experiences to all level of gamers. This
architecture will accommodate thousands of simultaneous worldwide users and
millions of game downloads while delivering a high-performance gaming

?Cryptic Studios is dedicated to building strong player communities, and
developing challenging, yet accessible games with deep and enjoyable
gameplay,? said Bruce Rogers, chief technical officer for Cryptic. ?Our
development team aims to deliver the best player experience possible. With
the high performance capabilities and scalability of IBM System x, Cryptic
will be able to deliver the quality experience our players expect.?

The System x solution is power efficient, helping Cryptic Studios manage
energy costs. With an open, flexible design, the System x infrastructure
will efficiently scale as Cryptic Studios expands its business worldwide.

?IBM is dedicated to helping Cryptic Studios deliver an electrifying
experience to their gamer community by providing an optimized and high
performing infrastructure,? said David Laux, IBM Global executive, games
and interactive entertainment. ?Backed by the power of System x,
Champions Online players can fully immerse themselves in their superhero
experience without worrying about lagging performance or threats of system

IBM System x is based on X4, the fourth generation of IBM's X-Architecture
design blueprint for Intel processor-based servers. X-Architecture is the
"secret sauce" that makes IBM x86 systems so reliable, efficient and

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Cryptic Studios?, Inc., based in Los Gatos, CA, and established in July
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online games. Cryptic has three major titles in development for the PC and
next-generation consoles, including Star Trek Online, Champions Online and
an unannounced project. Cryptic Studios is an independent, employee-owned
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