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Being human is something we all share in common. At least those of us reading this text. Unless it somehow is beamed into space and a being from Tau Ceti is now reading this. You never know, it could happen. Anyway I Want to be Human is a punishingly difficult platform game that boasts a very simple red/black/white colour palate and I am now going to talk about it.

I Want to be Human is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that boasts a unique comic-book-like art style with plenty of violence and abusive language to boot. This same language is coming from both the character the player is controlling and their own mouth. This is due entirely to the ridiculous level of difficulty that is infused into I Want to be Human from the get-go. The game is utterly unapologetic about it.

The second level is particularly brutal as it has moving platforms that slide and rotate around the player as they make their way across, blasting enemies with a shotgun resulting in enemy creatures exploding into a shower of offal. As these platforms move they often can and do crush the player into oblivion, forcing them to restart instantaneously in true Super Meat Boy style.

My time with I Want to be Human at Rezzed 2016 consisted of me grinding my teeth as I tried in vain to get past the second level. No I'm not joking, but then again my hand to eye coordination isn't what it used to be so, given what I am demanding of it, my nervous system just won't cut the mustard.

Nevertheless I would recommend those wanting a bit a laugh and a challenge to take a look at I Want to be Human as it really does deliver on both of those things.

I Want to be Human is out now for Windows PC.

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