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I'm a big fan of card games and table top board games and increasingly I am seeing their influence seep into the realm of videogames. Insane Robots is one of those games as it mixes strategic play with a card playing like mechanic during combat between player and enemy robots.

The player takes on the role of a broken robot that sets out to repair himself in the face of a myriad of similarly broken robots, all of whom have been driven insane due to their broken state. The meta world gameplay consists of the player traversing through a realm represented by a hexagonal map within which there are resources to gather and robots to fight.

The core of Insane Robots is all about the combat between robots that consists of a simultaneous card play with the player selecting powers that either increase their robot's defences or unleashes an attack against the opponent. Combat ends when one of the robot's health is reduced to zero.

The timing and execution of each power is vital to achieving victory in Insane Robots and I took great delight in building up an offensive position against my opponent as they desperately tried to shore up their defences just before I unleashed a flurry of blows against them.

The pacing and presentation of Insane Robots are well matched as the art style is very much akin to a very well drawn comic book with robots showing various signs of distress and lunacy as the player encounter each one.

From what I played of Insane Robots I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to its released on iOS and Windows PC later this year.

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