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Joypod is a show that is supposed to be about video games, but ultimately results in the three presenters - Michael Fox, David Turner & Sean Bell - judging each others lifestyles and gaming habits.

It gets quite heated at times, but that's OK because the guys have been podcasting together now for over 3 years, meaning that their hate for each other is genuine. Joined by a few friends here and there and along with the odd guest presenter (some of them are very odd) Joypod is a podcast for the less hardcore gamer who just wants to hear two idiots try and wing a show every week.

They talk about what they play, where they've played it and what would happen if Lara Croft went on a date with that Unicorn in Peggle. Oh! the hilarity. They also discuss your questions in the forum and even emails, so feel free to get in contact by emailing

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