Review Destiny

So, IS IT the game of the year? Well?

Review Tales of Xillia 2

The bemoaning of the loaning

Review Mega Coin Squad

Super Mario Bros with a dash of Dark Souls

Review Watch_Dogs

A hacking cough or cyber scintillation?

Review Concursion

Five game types, one punishing difficulty level

Review Inazuma Eleven GO: Light and Shadow

Please don't quit, you'll make football sad!

Review Wolfenstein: The New Order

A What If war game

Review Mario Kart 8

Bright and shiny wonderfullness

Review The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Guys, it's not 2009 any more

Review Orbitalis

Angry Birds: Space, minus the birds

Review Trials Fusion

Going back to the future

Review The Elder Scrolls Online

Are we really going to ask if it's a WoW killer?

First Look Eden Star

If you build it, they will come

First Look Gang Beasts

Slappy plasticine fun

First Look TinyKeep

No-one's getting out of here alive

First Look Alien Isolation

Amanda is not a heavily armed Marine

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