DayZ Screens are Architectural

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DayZ, the Arma 2 zombie mod that now has a standalone version courtesy of Bohemia Interactive, and is hitting a Beta soon now has some screens of an 'in work/in progress' nature.

The shots have popped up on DayZ creator, Dean Hall's, own site. Dean lays out the facts that the shots have, "only basic texture work and initial lighting passes. I picked a random town in the game and took screenshots of a few of the houses. The screenshots are taken on “Normal” graphic settings (medium texture resolution) and are unaltered and uncropped."

He also gives some background to the work, saying that, "The village I used to take the screenshot in now has all its buildings enterable, including the sheds. Most focus has so far been on the buildings that are situated outside of the center, but focus now is turning to doing interiors for the city buildings. This is complicated by our desire to dramatically increase performance, and given the scene complexity inside cities we need to balance this with the desire to increase building scavenging opportunities inside the cities."

Source: Dean Hall


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