Microsoft Sniffing Out Replacement Hard Drives

Latest fight against 'modders' unfolds.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Sniffing Out Replacement Hard Drives
Microsoft has launched a fresh attack on the Xbox modification community, with the Xbox Live online gaming service now scanning all machines and requesting information on the machine’s hard disc, which it is believed will be used as part of a service cull against hackers.

The coded request was picked up on Sunday and various community sites have been monitoring the situation since then. As of this point, no one has reported that they have had their Live access denied as a result of fitting an aftermarket drive.

However, far from being a security check, the sniffing out of the Xbox’s mass storage component may well be a check on the extent to which console operators make use of the hard drive. As you will know, the future storage media for the Xbox project is up in the air, with an apparent confirmation coming late last week from a third party that solid state flash memory would take the place of the piracy-riddled, often problematic hard disc.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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