Valve's Free-to-Play: Movie or Advert?

Valve's documentary cum advert film Free to Play will take place on March 19th.

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Valve's Free-to-Play: Movie or Advert?
Valve is in the movie-making business now with its documentary - Free to Play - hitting screens this year - specifically via a public screening and live Q&A session on March 18th at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Despite the name, however, the movie is not a searing investigative indictment of the F2P that is currently making the games industry look a wee bit like a high pressure salesman bullying its own consumers. Naaaah...

"Created internally at Valve, Free to Play takes an intimate look into the lives of three professional computer gamers. All three speak different languages, and live on different continents. (Asia, North America, and Europe). But they all share a passion for the same online game, Dota 2, and made major sacrifices to train and compete professionally.

"The film takes viewers around the globe to meet the players, their families, and their loved ones as they prepare to play for the first $1 million prize ever awarded in pro gaming."

So yeah, when they say 'documentary' it sort of means 'advert' for a Valve game.

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