Valve's New Controller Revealed

All ahead full for Valve boxing...

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GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference 2014, yo) is set to be an exciting time for all involved in video games. One certainty is that Valve is going to let devs and others get hands-on with its new game controller.

With this in mind, the company has released a image of its newly versioned SteamBox controller. There have been some changes made to the version we saw late last year.

As Wired points out, when it saw the controller, "late last year, it was planned to have a touchscreen in its center, surrounded by four buttons. Valve said that these buttons, somewhat difficult to reach, would serve secondary functions, and that gamers would mostly use the trigger buttons and 'Paddles' on the back of the unit, all pressed with the fingers rather than the thumb, to perform most actions."

Now, however, "Now, the controller will feature two diamond-shaped arrays of buttons, identical to what you?d find on an Xbox or PlayStation controller, and no touchscreen." Yup, see you touch-screen!



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