Sony Claims PS4 is Outselling Xbox One by Big Margin

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Sony Claims PS4 is Outselling Xbox One by Big Margin
Sony - certainly in the UK - is very happy indeed with the fact that it's PS4 is outselling Microsoft's Xbox One. So much so in fact that it's declared some figures.

Sony's Playstation top man, Fergal Gara has in fact declared that the situation between Xbox 360 and PS3 has been 1.5 to 1 sold in favour of the Xbox 360 and this was "disappointing" but that, “We’ve absolutely reversed that position."

According to Edge, Gara states that, "for every sale of Microsoft’s new box, 1.5 PS4s had been sold so far and Sony re-iterated its lead by repeating that previously-announced 4.2 million global sell-through figure. “Sales surpassed all of our dreams,” said Gara. “Our biggest job in the opening weeks was securing volume. We’re still not in stock at retail and we continue to work on that and we’re very, very pleased with the results.”

Source: Edge

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