Twitch Star PhantomL0rd has Home Raided

Put up job by hacker group turns sour

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Twitch Star PhantomL0rd has Home Raided
Hacker group - DERP - decided yesterday that it wanted to go after a Twitch star named 'PhantomL0rd' in a number of ways both technical and social. Its attacks ended with a hoaxed kidnap call and the arrest of their target at his home.

The trouble began with a series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks that took down major gaming sites used by the Twitcher. These included EA's home page, Battlenet, Steam and Origin. Then things took a turn for the IRL.

On December 31st PhatomL0rd posted "just had an automatic pointed at me, put in hand cuffs and sat in the back of a cop car as I watched as 6 policemen go through my whole house.. will keep you all updated"

He followed this up with the full response in video form that you can see below. Apparently what had occurred was that DERP had called the police claiming a hostage was being held at the Twitch star's house. The police arrived in force.

For it's part, DERP is confirming the site attacks but not the personal attack.

Kotaku Via VG247


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