Kojima Alters Character for Erotic Sales Boost

Well, at least he's honest

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Kojima Alters Character  for Erotic Sales Boost
While western developers and publishers struggle with the USA's puritanical view of sex and commerce, major Japanese makers such as Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima has no such hang-ups. He knows that sex sells and is going for it, openly.

He's taken to Twitter to make it very clear indeed that if you dress up a character in a game - such as MGS 5 - well, you can sell figurines and even attract cos-players. This is what he said:

He then posted a picture - which you can see illustrating this story - of an arse, a bum, a backside, a fanny. Clash of cultures? Or basically honest commercialism?



Joji 6 Sep 2013 14:16
Hey Spong, I'm back again.

Oh Kojima, why have you done this fetishistic crap in what's should be a good game? Why does he feel the need to sell MGS to fan service wank otaku and as he says cosplayers? ( I don't buy the latter, when its really about the former.

A clash of cultures? Perhaps. Problem is that some in japan think everything about Japan is great when that's not the case. Sometimes they lack a 'this is wrong' filter, and thus keep pushing this kind of silly stuff that is not needed in the game. This is another sad day for the game industry, IMO. And sucks for anyone that has to cosplay as Quiet at TGS for the wankster horde. Japan has plenty of porn too, so what the hell, Konami?
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