GAME Stores Get Behind Ouya Console

UK game retailer to join hands with huge competition

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GAME Stores Get Behind Ouya Console
The GAME Group - a UK video game retailer that is back from what looked like it's coffin - has made what many are seeing as a strange move: it's going to be selling a new console that users don't really need to by games in boxes for: the Ouya console.

Ouya, more on that here by the way, began life as a crowd-funded idea that soon saw millions of dollars pumped into its development as gamers grew bored awaiting the next-gen Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii+. The fact is that games for its Android system are delivered digitally... and that it was supposed to launch today both make GAME's decision to market the device fascinating.

GAME, as you can see from the pic illustrating this story, is pricing the unit at £99 but still has a TBD (To Be Decided rather than To Be Confirmed) release date for the console.

As previously reported though, "Ahead of the console's soft launch later this month, Ouya is accepting game submissions and will offer special backing to the most popular games on the console. Read the blog entry here to see what's involved."

It's certainly an interesting move for the High Street retailer, offering as it does some form of bargaining power in the new race for digital only. The clue to where GAME is coming from is on its own Ouya page which is a repeat of Ouya's own official text:

"OUYA will offer a broad range of games from all the genres you love. We’ve already lined up some great content from AAA game publishers such as Square Enix and NAMCO Bandai and independent developers like Tripwire Interactive, creators of The Ball, and Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt.

"Plus, every game is free — well, free-to-try. Developers can offer a free demo with a full-game upgrade, in-game items or powers, or ask release episodic games. We don’t want you to buy a game unless you love it."


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