Psychonauts 2 Funding Confusion - Too Rich for Notch

$18-million too much for the Minecraft man

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Psychonauts 2 Funding Confusion - Too Rich for Notch
Once upon a time, everybody's favourite maker of funny games - Mr Tim Schafer - suggested that he might make Psychonauts 2. His enthusiasm was matched by everybody's favourite maker of block-based games - Mr Markus Notch Persson. But then money and reality appeared.

Psychonauts (more on that here) was a crazy game about brains and thinking. So, Tim Schafer chatted with Minecraft's Notch and apparently some millions in funding was 'agreed'. Not so says Notch.

Back then (as reported here) we reported Mr Schafer indicating that the first game cost "$13million to make."

He then explained that, "As soon as I mentioned the amount of money (Notch) said, 'Yeah, I can do that.'"

Now it appears that Psychonauts 2 will cost $18million and Notch misheard. He told Reddit:

"I somewhat naively thought 'a couple of million' was two million. I had no doubt in my mind that a Psychonauts 2 would earn that money back easily.

"Turns out they wanted 18 million dollars, haha. I don't have the time at the moment to even try to get educated enough to make an eighteen million dollar deal. Perhaps in some distant future when I'm no longer trying to make games, I could get into angel investing.

"I've made one private investment into a game so far, at 100k, and it's frankly a lot more work than I thought."

That's $16million (or $11million) of mishearing or misspeaking. Still, they're both nice guys and we're sure only good will come of this.


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