Minecraft Man's New Game Revealed

Or horsing around from Notch?

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Minecraft Man's New Game Revealed
Markus 'Notch' Persson has made public a new game, available on early access, and called 'Cliffhorse'. You role is to game as a horse. On a cliff.

The official blurb states, "Buy Cliffhorse "early access" by sending Dogecoin to MbE53XpM3RR4cnHnVoTPZzjBUwHogdYBe, then download Cliffhorse by clicking here." And that's it aside from one large caveat:

"Windows only. No guarantee of future updates."

MCV reports that, "The developer said that 280,000 Dogecoins ? or $60 ? had been made from the release so far.

"Notch tweeted on Saturday that the title took a mere two hours to design in Unity."

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