PS3 has Shipped More than Xbox 360 Globally

Such is the claim made in a reputable report

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PS3 has Shipped More than Xbox 360 Globally
Despite launching later than Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 has finally out-shipped it just as we're all talking PS4 - so claims a a 67-page report that costs $4,500 and comes from reputable report makers IDC.

The report, entitled "Worldwide Video Game and Entertainment Console Hardware and Packaged Software 20122016 Forecast" also points out that:

"Demand for packaged disc sales will clearly fall as digital distribution ramps up and eighth-generation consoles take center stage. This means that console hardware will become a more important aspect of the market from a brick-and-mortar retail perspective in particular. It appears that hardware ASPs will hold up fairly well through 2016, however, so the decline in disc-based revenue doesn't mean that game consoles' value position will be cannibalized by competing platforms anytime soon."

GamesIndustryInternational, however, also points out that the report indicates:

"Sony's PS3 managed to surpass the number of Xbox 360s shipped worldwide (about 77 million vs. 76 million), despite the PS3 launching a year later. While many hardcore gamers are now waiting for the next-generation systens from Sony and Microsoft, IDC noted that Nintendo will still "find an audience" with Wii U, reaching global bundle shipments of 50 million by year-end 2016."

The emphasis is ours however. The difference between 'shipped' and 'sold to consumers' is always a sparking point for well reasoned discussion between fans of both consoles.

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen... start your arugumengines...



config 10 Jan 2013 15:41
If MS just included the number of consoles shipped to replace RRD boxes, it'd totally be winning.
docj 10 Jan 2013 18:51
Speaking of RRD that's exactly where MS's units sold comes from.

Silly consumers will buy another 360 when theirs break on them. I knew people that bought 3 to 5 360's because the one they had kept dying on them.

By the time they figured MS was trash and their product was cheap, and they bought a PS3 it was too late. Microsoft gets paid for 5 consoles while Sony only gets paid for 1
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