Video Game Piracy Apocalpyse Now!

UKIE comes up with some dire figures

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Video Game Piracy Apocalpyse Now!
The Association For UK Interactive Entertainment - AFUIE, actually it's UKIE for some reason - has recently estimated the levels of piracy in the current games market. It's big folks... big and bad.

UKIE claims that for every full price game sold at retail, gamers have acquired four pirated copies. UKIE's director general Michael Rawlinson explained that UKIE plans to commission further research into the ongoing issue.

Rawlinson said of the matter: "What is clear is people who 'share' games via P2P networks or buy illegal copies are not buying the real product, and this reduces retailer sales. It can provide the consumer with a sub-standard product and money paid to illegal traders does not flow back to the creative."

He added that it was difficult to estimate the actual costs of piracy, hence the intentions for commissioning further research into the problem.

Do you feel piracy in gaming is still a major issue? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

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deleted 25 Jan 2011 12:20
Look i am not for piracy at all, but i did during the PSone years help Sony succeed while prolly killing off many devs, but now i am older have money and morals i feel i should pay.... but i am so sick of this sub standard crap

how is it substandard? for 100.00 you could buy a basic Epson, a CISS with full Ink tanks, 25 High Quality Printable DVD-R`s, 25 Green DVD Boxes, a Pack of 25 Photo Paper and one months sub to USENET...

That first initial 100.00 would buy you 25 Xbox 360 games with quality printed discs and box art in cases there is nothing substandard about that, then if your like every other pirate you wont bother with all that and just buy the bloody discs have 100 games for 50.00.

I now buy very few games, i rent more, reason is basically games offer little than a few hours play nowadays and 40.00 is alot to pay piracy is appealing to everyone,

games I have purchased LittleBigPlanet2 - worth every penny, COD:BO - 100`s hours of on-line game play and the next game on my list is Arkham 2 seriously there is very little calling to me in the meantime (side the 3DS).

Devs want people to buy the games make them worth the money.
darkkirby 25 Jan 2011 22:22
I have a bigger problem with game companies trying to force you to buy games on "their" terms. Like when they have no intention to localize a game (or take over a year) but claim importing it is wrong and give you a hard time. When they stop harassing paying customers like me I'll care more about their supposed piracy problem.
Damian H 25 Jan 2011 23:16
I have had enough of substandard games for an extortionate price costing me 40 for a new game every time i haven't got enough money. Worst of all because i use my PC for gaming i cant take my games back in to be traded after i have finished with them.

And further more im so sick of company's Forcing us to use their systems to play the game example (You HAVE to have an XBL account if you want to play Games For Windows Live) WHY THE HELL DO I NEED 2 ACCOUNTS (STOP MAKING ME USE THESE SYSTEMS AND I WILL BUY MORE GAMES)

If company's are willing to lower the price in Britain like they do in every other country maybe we wouldn't download as much. I will say i have used Copied games because where as im paying 40 for a brand new game i might not even like i can get it off someone else for 4

Game developers claim to make an honest living what is so honest about the price they charge
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