Sony Boss: We Don't Pay Bribes For Exclusives

Wise words or vacuous PR nonsense?

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Sony Boss: We Don't Pay Bribes For Exclusives
President and CEO Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, (pictured) took a swipe at the "different approach" of rivals Microsoft and Nintendo in a recent interview, while claiming that Sony won't "bribe" developers to make exclusive games for PS3.

"Microsoft is too dependent upon the third-party community, and Nintendo is too dependent upon first-party. We like to feel that we got a pretty good mix. We have a very different approach to exclusives than some of our competitors. We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development. We don't, for lack of a better term, bribe somebody to only do a game on our platform," Tretton, not mincing his words.

So, how does Sony obtain exclusive games then, if not with the magical power of the dollar bill?

"We earn it by saying, 'You can build a better game on our platform. If you focus your development on our platform, you will ultimately be more successful. We can try to partner up with you from a technology standpoint. We can try to partner up with you from a marketing standpoint. But just economically and technologically, this is the system that makes the most sense for you.'"

Wise words or vacuous PR nonsense? You tell us, in the forum.

source: PSM magazine


hollywooda 4 Jul 2007 09:58
Dont they just buy the Dev Company!?......
Captain Chaos! 4 Jul 2007 10:26
Hmm I wonder what Nintendo and Microsofts legal teams think about this accusation of corruption.

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haritori 4 Jul 2007 10:26
"Microsoft is too dependent upon the third-party community,"


soooo, viva pinata, halo 3, forza, halo wars, fable 2, too human, gears of war, splinter cell, alan wake, blue dragon, eternal sonata, crackdown, mass effect, shadowrun, project gotham, banjo kazooie... to name but a few are what you dont have sony? and its becuse M$ are making great first party titles, and getting the 3rd party support your not, next on that list is MGS4 and Final Fantasy 13 how long can you "BRIBE" For FF13? until they relalise that the dev costs cannot be recouped on PSŁ alone and require the 360 user base.

sony you have a good console and im sure it will do well but your stupid comments make people see that you are mud slinging now just to hopefully gain a handful of sales, its pathetic.


putting nintendo down, is rich seems they have overtaken your companys shares, and i suppose what you mean by syaing you have a good mix of first and 3rd party games means you have have hardly any games!
pcgamer 4 Jul 2007 12:30
So what he's really saying is that Sony is too cheap to financially help these game companies create games for a console that doesn't appear to be doing so well.

Lots of ways to look at it. 'bribe' what a stupid word, obvious just the Sony PR engine trying to make microsoft look bad, and Sony look good because of the losing exclusive games thing.

Or other ways of looking at it, Sony wants all the risk to go on the game developers, i.e. maximise their profits from the licensing/blu-ray disc cost the devs pay for developing/distributing games for the PS3.

Admittedly there are ways of looking at it with a good light, but why bother Sony already did that in their PR statment.
Soreliss 4 Jul 2007 12:32
lol .. they say they don't bribe... ok perhaps now they don't. because of low sales and it's still early for PS3 so nobody is stupid enouh to make a PS3 exlusive other than 1st parties and sony regular slaves :) BUT can he say they have not bribed anyone in the past for an exclusive ?

and just to make my point more obvious
Resident Evil 4 anyone ?

Modhabobo 4 Jul 2007 13:36
Maybe Sony's reluctance to business like the rest of them is the reason why everyone sees the PS3 as a no good game having hunk of cack! All this willy waving and 'my dad's better than your dad' stuff is risable and laughable. They should all get on with concentrating on fixing the problems with their consoles, like Microsoft and their shoddy build quality, Sony with the lack of reason to buy their cheap blue ray player and Nintendo with why most people are only playing Wii Sports.
OptimusP 4 Jul 2007 19:07
I like it when he critizes MS for relying on third parties which Sony has done for the last two generations and then dishes out Nintendo's first-party strategy which they are now clearly copying (biggest dev-house of the three and growing).

More Sony hypocrism! now where is my Daily Gaming Show starring Jon Gaming Stewart!
LUPOS 9 Jul 2007 14:28
That makes my circuits sizzle... ;)

Ok, so MS sponsors companies to make games for their system. Then people see there are games on their system and they buy it. Then the system has a bigger install base making it more attractive for developers to work on because of the large install base. Previously Sony was the market leader so of course everyone wanted to develop for their machine first. Now they don't have hardly any worth while exclusives to move their machine so everyone wants to make Wii games cause they are cheap with easy turn around and the HD stuff gets built on 360 then ported if at all because it's got the bigger user base. If they are willing to pony up a little cash to secure some exclusives it's like buying boardwalk and park place and not bothering to build hotels. Those guys with the rail roads/utilities and the greens are gonna walk all over you.

Joji 9 Jul 2007 15:03
Yeah, I seem to recall back in the day, Sony payed Eidos money to keep Tomb Raider a PS1 exclusive, when N64 could have handled a version. As a result, Tomb Raider is only just getting onto Nintendo home consoles.

Sony need to fix up and look sharp. In truth if Sony are laying off staff left, right and centre, do you really think they care about developers loosing money and potentially going under? Sony care about number one, that's why this price cut has taken ages and the next one will too.

The age of exclusives is kind of over.
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