American McGee

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Akaneiro: Another Video Game Kickstarter Stalls News

American McGee spends $1.7m but doesn't finish the game

30 Jan 2014

American McGee Proves Kickstarting is No Easy Game News

Even with someone's else's out of copyright IP, it's not a cert

15 Jul 2013

American McGee: EA Wanted to 'Trick' Gamers with Alice Madness Returns Marketing News

People were led to believe it was a horror game.

22 Jan 2013

Alice Madness Returns with Free Alice Original News

And more DLC for thee

18 Apr 2011

Alice: Madness Returns in June 2011 News

Amazing scenes as Royal Ballet doesn't sue

02 Mar 2011

Alice in Wonderland Returns with a Scary Trailer News

When games and literature collide!

21 Jul 2010

American McGee: Kinect will Fail without Shovelware News

Flip-flopping on control inputs make for "a pretty half-assed paradigm shift."

28 Jun 2010

Alice? Alice? Who the... EA Knows News

American McGee and the 'classic' RPG return.

20 Feb 2009

Konami Drops Hints About 'Oz' - But No Sign Of Dorothy News

New fantasy action title to be unveiled at TGS

13 Sep 2004

McGee announces "goriest game ever made" at peak of "games are evil" debate News

George Romero working on City of the Dead for PC and console.

03 Aug 2004

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