Rod Cousens

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PSP2 is PS3 Powerful Says Gaming Heavyweight News

It's PS3 in its power

25 Jan 2011

Codemasters: Traditional Publishers Are Doomed News

Dead as a dodo, the CEO says.

09 Apr 2010

Video Game Makers Honoured by Queen News

Also ex-ELSPA head

31 Dec 2009

Codemasters: Buy 'Unfinished' Games - Top Up with DLC News

Buy incomplete games at retail, then finished levels via DLC.

09 Nov 2009

Codemasters: Formula One to Come to Nintendo Wii News

Quasi-TV in-game too.

30 May 2008

Codemasters Serious About pwning America News

2008 line-up revealed

12 Dec 2007

Codemasters to Publish MMO Lord of the Rings News

Fantasy online license to print real offline money.

03 Mar 2006

The Acclaim saga: Cousens to see funding? News

Studios salvaged and software to market – The giant climbs to its knees

30 Sep 2004

Acclaim and Dave Mirra friends again News

Dispute resolved – XXX now stands for kisses and making up.

28 Oct 2003

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