Codemasters Serious About pwning America

2008 line-up revealed

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Codemasters Serious About pwning America
Codemasters has reaffirmed its commitment to taking on the U.S. - this onslaught on the States first being made apparent with a distribution deal made in that region with Warners.

It is being reaffirmed with all the subtlety of a slap in the face with a wet kipper. In an announcement that's not really announcing anything, Codies has taken great pains to let us (and America) know that it's gunning for the land of the free.

Before continuing you need to be aware that Rod Cousens is a mythical figure who has bestraddled the United Kingdom's video game scene since it was invented in pre-historic days (he began his video game existence in 1981). He joined Codemasters in May 2005 leading some people actually to believe in his reality as a man rather than simply as a mystical icon. Cousens is also firmly motoring the company towards a floatation this year.

"When Rod Cousens took the helm at Codemasters in 2005, he meant what he said about driving growth in the U.S. market with content geared for the American consumer", the announcement tells us.

"More than half of Codemasters' 2008 U.S. line-up will be created by in-house teams or development studios based in the U.S.", we're informed.

"For example, the company's cornerstone, home-grown title for next year -- GRID -- pays homage to America's most popular spectator sport: auto racing", Codies merrily chirps.

"The company's 2008 content strategy is heavily grounded in sports, entertainment properties and game genres that are popular among U.S. consumers", the Codies PRs blurt at us.

Rod himself even chimed in, saying, "We saw the new strategy start to pay off this year with a 332% jump in U.S. sell through and specific success with DiRT and Overlord. Next year we will make an even greater impression on the U.S. games business."

The statistics Cousens throws about have been attributed to a distribution deal inked with Warner Brothers which has reaped impressive American returns for Codemasters.

It's all a bit heavy handed and no doubt aimed at lazy mainstream US journos, but the message does reinforce what Codies' financial results told us: the Britsoft publisher means business in America.

Codies also took the opportunity to detail its 2008 US line-up. There are a couple of titles in there that might look a bit unfamiliar - we've thrown in the information on them provided by Codies to cast a bit of a glow over them...

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
Emergency Mayhem - "Frantic driving game based on emergency missions in a colourful cartoon-style city. (Developer: Supersonic - Q2 2008)"
Rise of the Argonauts
Wizardology - "Story based on the book that was allegedly written by Merlin himself and full of spells and magical information. (Developer: Kuju/SixbyNine - Q4 2008)"
Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

We wish the team lots of luck and hope that they Colin McCrae the deal rather than making a right Jericho of it.


ickle 13 Dec 2007 20:53
Sounds like the US market is the promised land for codies (and their venture capitalist overlords).

But it also sounds remarkably similar to their previous enthusiastic attempts to penetrate the US.. anyone remember Jarret and Labonte stock car racing (aka Toca World Touring Cars) and Pop Idol?

Good luck to them, but I fear 5 years down the line they'll have a new publishing deal and another stab of escaping their niche with a next next gen incarnation of a an open wheel touring car lawn mower off road truck racing game with annoying american characters.
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