Acclaim and Dave Mirra friends again

Dispute resolved – XXX now stands for kisses and making up.

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Semi-naked in XXX - ho-hum
Semi-naked in XXX - ho-hum
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Earlier this year - on Valentine’s Day, to be precise – we reported that Dave Mirra, he of the baggy shorts and undersized bicycle, was royally peeved with publisher Acclaim. The reason? Acclaim, the company that put Dave’s BMX titles on the shelves of videogame stores around the world, had gone and put out another BMX game, and Shock! Horror! It contained foul language and lewd images. Blimey!

Mirra was mighty miffed and filed a suit against Acclaim, complaining that the publisher was using his name and image in marketing activities for BMX XXX. Mirra’s straight-edge reputation was at risk, so he demanded an injunction to stop Acclaim using his name and image, along with $21 million damages. Since we reported this, and despite the fact that Mirra’s likeness never materialised in our copy of BMX XXX, it’s all been quiet…until now.

Acclaim today announced that it and Mirra have resolved their differences over the “contract dispute”. Mirra's lawsuit against the company was settled with no monetary or other damages being paid by either side, and the king of BMX (are you reading this, Hoffman?) will continue to be under contract with Acclaim until the year 2011. The company has also begun working on the development of a new Dave Mirra BMX video game, details of which will be announced in the near future.

Here’s Rod Cousens, CEO for Acclaim Entertainment: "We are pleased to have amicably resolved this matter with Dave and anxiously look forward to resuming our successful working partnership. The Dave Mirra brand is the number one BMX brand in the video game industry and we will continue to work with Dave to build upon our proven formula for success."

"I'm glad that this issue is behind us," added Mirra. "I look forward to working with Acclaim and to continue making the best BMX video games available for fans of the sport."

All better, then! Makes us want to take our tops off and have a cuddle.


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