Ray Maguire


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Soul Searching Sony Supremo Slings Hook News

Ray Maguire resigns

05 Apr 2011

Sony Games CEO and Exec Disagree over PS3 Life Cycle News

Also, expect big sales on day one of move

26 Aug 2010

Sony Announces its Millions of PS3s and PSPs News

Big UK milestones hit

05 Mar 2009

PlayStation 3 In-Game Communication This Summer News

SCEE's managing director lets it slip.

03 Mar 2008

PS3 Makes £10m In Australia News

At least one console sold on free sale!

26 Mar 2007

PS3's £100m Launch Weekend News

Though the press has caused it some heartache

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch: Ebay Anti-Frenzy News

Scalpers set for losses

22 Mar 2007

Sony Dismisses Immediate PSP2 Launch News

Education 'announcement' made too much of

13 Mar 2007

Sony Head Of Sales Jumps Ship News

Departure comes five weeks prior to PS3 launch

13 Feb 2007

5m PS2’s in UK News

Milestone announced as Christmas shopping hots up.

15 Dec 2003

PlayStation experience to double in size News

SCEE ramps up key first-party event.

10 Jun 2003

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