Richard Jacques


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OutRun2 to Feature Remixes by Richard Jacques

Top composer/producer remixes classic tunes for OutRun2 soundtrack.

01 Oct 2004

Headhunter & Headhunter: Redemption Official Soundtrack Albums Released

Richard Jacques' acclaimed orchestral scores for SEGA's Headhunter videogames released as 2-CD set.

08 Sep 2004

Europe's first game music symphony concert celebrates acclaimed Headhunter orchestral scores

Games Convention concert features World Premier Symphony Suites of Headhunter, Headhunter Redemption, music by award-winning composer Richard Jacques.

23 Jun 2003

Headhunter Employs new level of Cinematic Music for Game Soundtracks

Richard Jacques' score highlights growing trend of movie production values for orchestral music in games.

28 Mar 2002

Headhunter Music Score gets Thumbs up!

Music composed, arranged and orchestrated by Richard Jacques for Headhunter has received a great response from the critics and fans alike.

28 Jan 2002

British Composer Richard Jacques confirms guest appearance for Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox

Richard Jacques, formerly composer/sound producer at Sega Europe, invited by Wavemaster to write tracks for Xbox title Jet Set Radio Future.

16 Nov 2001

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