British Composer Richard Jacques confirms guest appearance for Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox

Richard Jacques, formerly composer/sound producer at Sega Europe, invited by Wavemaster to write tracks for Xbox title Jet Set Radio Future.

Posted by Staff
Brit composer Richard Jacques today announced that he has contributed three tracks for the much anticipated Sega release, Jet Set Radio Future, for the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft. This follows an invitation from legendary Japanese game music company Wavemaster (who also scored the game?s prequel, Jet Set Radio aka Jet Grind Radio in the USA) for Jacques, whose other credits include Sonic 3D and a guest appearance on the original Jet Set Radio, to feature on the forthcoming game soundtrack.

The tracks confirmed include a classic style breakbeat mix, which is both contemporary and in-your-face, fitting in perfectly with the street culture vibe of the game?s graffiti style and gameplay. His other contributions are a contemporary pop hip-hop track and the third tune is a remix of a track from the original Jet Set Radio.

His guest appearance compliments Wavemaster?s own Hideki Naganuma?s tracks, and follows hot on the heels of the completion of his full orchestral soundtrack for the Sega Europe title Headhunter, recorded at Abbey Road Studios with The London Session Orchestra (The Mummy, The World Is Not Enough). Headhunter is released in the UK for Dreamcast today (11/16/01) and is also due for UK release on PlayStation 2 early next year (01/23/02).

Richard Jacques is a freelance composer of videogame soundtracks, TV and film and worked in-house at Sega Europe for seven years. A leading musician, composer and sound designer in the European market, he has worked with Sonic Team, Travellers Tales, Wavemaster and Bizarre Creations in the making of music and sound for games.

Always surprising his audiences by turning his hand to any given style, Richard Jacques is one of the most prolific composers in his field today.