Final Fantasy X-2 - PSVita

Also known as: 'Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster - Watch this Awesome Battle News

And listen to the original vs the remaster to make your ears smile

23 Aug 2013

Final Fantasy X HD Also Comes With Final Fantasy X-2 News

Will be separate downloads on Vita.

20 Mar 2013

Square Enix to See Big Profits News

Shareholders rewarded as forecast is revised.

19 Apr 2004

This Week's Chart Update News

007 still top of the pile, Codemasters makes a late challenge.

16 Mar 2004

Final Fantasy X-2 Claims Top Spot News

Plus! Someday your Prince will come. And! A gentle reminder to be good to your PC.

24 Feb 2004

Mario Kart Dominates America News

Double Dash!! outstrips everything – GameCube dream alive!

17 Dec 2003

Square Enix to Show, Well, Pretty Much Everything News

More Final Fantasy than you could shake a Chocobo at.

09 Dec 2003

Final Fantasy X-2 confirmed for Europe! News

Begin 50/60 Hz prayers!

23 Sep 2003

X-2 more appealing than predicted as Square reneges on initial line-up News

Final Fantasy X-2 busts a million - Sequel announced

17 Mar 2003

Final Fantasy series hits slowdown as series development backlog shows strain News

Square undone? Series producer speaks.

13 Mar 2003

Final Fantasy X-2 released in Japan News

Queues and mayhem. Business as usual.

13 Mar 2003

Europe to get Final Fantasy 12 this year! News

Read on, for SquareSoft sweetener

30 Jan 2003

Square and Enix back in love News

Turn-based niceness reinstated.

14 Jan 2003

First, beautiful, Final Fantasy XII image released News

Must-see Square artwork

02 Jan 2003

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